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Gutless Wonder

“The theory of landscape and that of politics…could be summed up in one single word…freedom.” - Edmond About

Space and expanses allow for the promise of a souvenir, a snapshot. A time without lapse from a short walk to attain a continuum of movement, reevaluating your own relationship with time: overlapping, repeated. Engagement with the native landscape concerns the closely observed locally and inflected, where anonymous is almost named. Anticipating the call and response with such a landscape yields a desire that is unplanned in structure - possibly sublimated sensation. Only this insistent circling of ‘nascent logos’ and the body moving can perception think, feel, rest and lie. Whether we move towards the horizon or find our feet standing still watching the horizon (perhaps both are the same) culls our gutless wonder.


Exhibition at Autumn Space, Chicago, IL.