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Content Creation

Building scalability and future-proofing into templates has been a focus. I find this helps as a little investment into the Learning and Development department. Breaking templates down into individual components can help others learn what goes where and you can easily collaborate with a SME. But it can also introduce complexity so it needs to strike the right balance.


There a few assumptions made here in order to illustrate certain content creation aspects.

  • You already have content
  • Your content is near a published state
  • You already have a strategy in place to build content

Tools and systems

  • Content hierarchy template
  • myTrailhead module + unit template
  • Google Doc as toolset (collaboration platform)
  • myTrailhead as Learning Experience Platform

Summarized Flow

SME Request -> Content Audit / Outline -> Content Creation Collaboration -> Content Review / Edit -> Finalize Content -> Published

Content Hierarchy Template

A breakdown of how information might be scaffolded within certain content sections of the myTrailhead module + unit template. Doing this correctly also requires keeping in mind a catalog of media types that have been used before in the organization.

myTrailhead Module + Unit Template

Here both templates are used together as an example laying out content

Published Result Example