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Department Onboarding

After revamping company onboarding, the next experience we took aim at was department onboarding.


How will a learner know who, what, where, when and how about their department’s key resources and procedures?

Summarized Approach

  • We collaborated with our HR partner to identify SMEs to help this
  • Our group of architects included members from Center of Excellence and Employee Advocates
  • Together we gathered resources breaking down the department and met biweekly to write and test content
  • I stripped out content that addressed department versus role-based, based on feedback from new hires, our group members, and on experience desired for learner
  • Based on how department onboarding happens at the company, I decided to design the template into the onboarding path of new hire like a job aid
  • It was made to be automated (with the help from Salesforce Admin): A new hire and manager are Chattered in Salesforce that the department information is available on myTrailhead (link included). A new hire is also tagged in their Contact Record using a new field with the link to the department onboarding information (new field correlates with department field).

Salesforce Automation

Department Onboarding Module