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Our Approach to Learning

A little write up for Montage Learning.

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Montage Learning designs and develops targeted, high-impact, and easy to maintain learning experiences and content. This allows us to get your L&D capabilities up and running quickly while requiring a minimal amount of maintenance. Structuring a strategy based on learner-needs ensures that the experience is learner-centered, useful and relevant. We want learners to discover what they need when they need it and apply it—not only focused on how good it looks. In order to maintain this focus, we devised a few guiding principles:

Self-discovery and expression We want to provide a pathway for learners that revolves around actionable objectives where they can develop understanding by asking questions, surfacing relevant content about real-world tasks or problems, and share their own ideas based on this experience. This helps build a supportive community around each learner to develop at their own pace and greater impact on the business as an individual contributor. Allowing learners to uncover their own insights through an experience makes them owners of it.

Relevant and applied Creating a blameless learning environment for learners is an important strategic element to develop lifelong learning. It allows them to perform tasks or solve problems while receiving continuous feedback and guidance. Learning from mistakes, understanding the consequences, and giving them the freedom to fail is how we learn in our everyday lives, why would we create learning any differently? Here is the shift from “learning to know” to “learning to do”—no more memorizing in hopes of remembering, but leveraging information to perform on the job.

Flexible yet consistent Developing content that is system and tool agnostic makes it easily transportable and to maintain. This is great for companies as they grow and to be always delivering up-to-date information. It is also vital to craft a simple yet functional learning experience that is consistent in its look and feel to avoid distracting learners by having them think about how to navigate the experience rather than focusing on their goals. Maintaining a balance of uniformity shouldn’t impede a learning experience from adapting to changing business needs.

At the heart, our intention at Montage Learning is to make learning meaningful, memorable, and motivational. To create a solution that embodies this, we like to ask ourselves and stakeholders these questions:

  1. Why should a learner care?
  2. What does this allow them to do now?
  3. What type of feedback do they receive when they make a mistake?
  4. When they apply their learning, how do they know they’ve been successful?

These questions keep the learning solution focused and grounded ensuring that the experience guides learners in their new abilities to success.