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Lingering Takeaways from Short Sims

Back in December 2020 I took the course Short Sims with Clark Aldrich. This short class helped shift my perspective on how to develop learning experiences that create memorable, actionable takeaways for learners.

Experience the Short Sim I built during the class - Safety Incidents: Something happened. Now what? for Uber.

Highly recommend Clark’s class to begin the critiquing of how you’re currently serving learners. A few takeaways that have lingered with me and to come back to:

  • Learn by doing, make mistakes; how can this be applied in the real world?; what does failure look like?
  • When looking, thinking about data, time to right answer is more valuable than just the right answer
  • Consistent interfaces; beyond the use of graphics or UI, but how choices are presented, how learners interact with the sim, etc