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Workflow Learning at Uber

Working with Learning Operations lead, we collaborated on implementing a in-the-flow of work solution across the learning teams across the globe.

We broke the project into different stages:

  1. Training on tool
  2. Regional Use Case Prototypes
  3. Deploy and Test Prototypes
  4. Review and Iterate

Alongside this staged plan, we created documentation to standardize the process and design across the globe.

Project Management

Team Presentation

Project Objectives

Solution Quality Assurance Checklist

Project Roles & Responsibilities

Use Cases

Use Case Template

Design Standards Documentation

From Out-of-the-Box Solution to Internal Engineering

Our project caught the attention of our internal engineering team and we discussed how we could build our own solution instead of licensing software from a company. So they jumped on the chance and begin building it. We collaborated on a PRD and design of it.