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Client Deliverables: Pentair Pool Supplies

We work with Pentair to create an on-the-floor training for their partner’s retail employees. Pentair is a manufacturer of pool supplies and machinery.

The learning solution constraints were:

  • 15 minutes of training time before customers come into the store
  • Easy to reference guides on down-time
  • Tips and tricks with working we customers on-the-floor
  • Audience, seasonal (e.g. teenager’s summer job) + seasoned employees (e.g. knowledgeable pool supply experts), fewer experts more seasonal workers

We deployed:

  • Structured and easy to read materials in a Knowledge Base
  • Short videos for a deeper, more engaging dive, demonstrating how pool equipment functions and why customers would want to use
  • Downloadable PDF Job Aids that capture on-the-floor soft skills like interacting with customers, so they can re-read away from store’s main computer

Example short videos (Camtasia):

Example job aids (Canva):