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Breaking Down the Basics of Company Onboarding

Would you not welcome guests to your party? Why would you not welcome new hires with a proper onboarding then?

A warm welcome goes a long way in today’s job market. Onboarding is no longer optional with recent studies estimating that only 12% of employees strongly agree that their company does a great job of onboarding or Gartner reporting that total annual employee turnover will likely jump to 20% in 2022. It costs more to hire than to retain employees and onboarding gives them confidence in their choice of your company.

We understand for small to midsize companies it is a struggle to allocate time and resources in creating an onboarding program and maintaining it. So Montage designed an onboarding product that satisfies this need for these fast growing companies.

You can create a simple, self-paced onboarding program with 4 basic components. Get started with some prompts below to begin brainstorming and kickstart your onboarding development.

About Your Company

  • How did you get started? Who founded your company and why? What are some of the milestones in your company history? What are you most proud of? Important hurdles that the company cleared?

Your Company Culture

  • Mission, vision & values - what are the company’s core values? Can you share examples of how they’ve shaped your company? How do they manifest across the company day-today? Diversity and inclusion mission? How do you view work-life balance?

Your Company’s Main Systems & Tools

  • What are the things you use to get work done? How do you store documents? What is your CRM and how does it support the business process? How does everyone communicate across the company?

Getting Setup (HR Information & Setup)

  • What are your company’s policies around healthcare, finances, retirement plans, perks, and technology? What policies do they need to sign before a specific date? Any compliance training required to complete by a certain date? How do you access the employee handbook? If you have a personal/private question, who should you ask?

In order to help you organize your thoughts, Montage has made these templates available to you:

Note: “Make a copy” of each template to begin editing them for your own use.

Reach out to Montage to learn more about how we use these in our approach to build onboarding programs that employees love. To learn more about our onboarding product please watch our use case video here.