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Industry Learning Product: Product Design & Strategy

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Industry Learning Product Overview


  • It’s incredibly valuable to have an industry knowledge base that helps us understand our clients and their business in a streamlined, easily consumable bite-sized format.
  • The Healthcare & Life Sciences industry content allowed our team to enhance their knowledge and engage clients like experts.

How it works:

Companies often hire industry-specific experts to add value to their client relationships but struggle to transfer that knowledge to other employees. We create industry-focused programs focusing on imparting specialized foundational knowledge for employees of all levels to understand the industries in which your company specializes, exponentially adding value to your client relationships while building internal industry expertise.

Our Industry Learning provides a strategy to collect SME knowledge to disseminate throughout your organization.

  • Essentials: Helps lay the foundation for Industry Learning at the company with high-level information about the what, why, and who.
  • Customized: Builds the foundation, then dives deeper into the industry exploring the “how” of the industry and defining subindustries.

We accomplish this by surveying and interviewing SMEs about their industry, identifying specifics about the foundations of the industry and how the company fits into it and then create a tactical guide to help others at their company better understand the industry. During the surveys and interviews, Montage also conducts a learning needs analysis to determine the themes and insights that may be missed and define learning gaps then present a learning needs analysis to the client for feedback. We then develop a curriculum and draft modules that are iterated on in collaboration with SMEs to complete them. These modules become the basis for a self-serve knowledge base.

Depending on the need, company, industry, learning platform, and project timeline - Montage creates a full learning experience and may build other solutions to enhance the learning impact like:

  • Industry knowledge base - text and minimal graphics (included in Essentials & Customized)
  • Quick references (e.g. workbook, job aid PDFs, Slack workflows, etc)
  • Short sims that detail real-life scenarios that allow employees role-playing opportunities without pulling from manager resources to facilitate activities (recommended for Customized)

Asset Definitions

  • Module Template: A template used to structure content for the Knowledge Base
  • Curriculum Template: A template used to organize content for the onboarding flow and development process.
  • Survey & Interviews: Use with Subject-Matter Experts to collect expert knowledge for knowledge base development, gathering best practices, industry specifics, tips & tricks
  • Introduction to Your Industry Module: Basics about industry - company background in industry, who is involved & why (role), why are we in the industry, what is our expertise
  • Deep Dive Modules: Includes specifics around different areas of the industry - sub industries, common problems and solutions, general practices/best practices
  • Industry Solutions Offered by Your Company Module: Tactical training like how-tos, explanations of specific technology, case studies

Points of Entry

Development Effort


  • Subject-Matter Experts in each topic area for Knowledge Base (must be available to review and provide feedback)
  • Slack or Community Forum focused on Industry - where SMEs may be willing to engage a few times a month to answer questions or host an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session
  • Depending on resource availability, Industry Learning (Essentials) development time should run between 80-90 hours

Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Become a trusted advisor
  • Increase sales
  • Seen as expert in the industry when all employees can walk/talk the industry
  • Industrial Training can make learners aware of the Industry Norms.
  • The learners get to practice in a safe environment
  • It also helps them in knowing the latest happenings in the industry.
  • It helps the learners in understanding and using the latest technologies.