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Superlacuna at Unisex Salon

Press Release for “Superlacuna” at Unisex Salon.

I grabbed the pan and oil to fry some eggs only to realize that they had already fried themselves and laid down on a piece of toast.

I gobbled them up as I watched yellow armed machines dig a cavity in the grid.

I warmed by the fire and zoned. Thinking I must be at work. And there I was. At work. The planes of things, file cabinets and panes of glass shifting and grinding against each forming a fun maze. Shadows of indoor plants were not Peter panned to a pot, freely growing tall on the wall.

No coworkers to be found – must’ve been Saturday.

I went to the bathroom to face myself but soon found myself facing puffs of subconsciousness – synapses gently firing in rainbow colors. Hearing this voice…

  • Sean Ward