Dialogue Exercises

A scribbled note found tucked away in a book owned by my grandfather:

“What does the artist do? The artist watches the outer life. He discovers the inner life. He liberates the human life. He manifests the divine life. He fulfills the supreme life.”

  • C.K.G., Sri Chinmay

Dialogue Exercises is a collection of art making, doing, pondering, wandering activities. Some I have developed, others are learned from others and adapted, while others are simply found.

This isn’t a self-help book to unlock creativity, it isn’t a methodology to subscribe to or a life hack system to make you more productive. It is, however, a way to navigate ambiguity, the unknown and the immaterial. The exercises provided in Dialogue Exercises invite you to explore your internal and external world in new ways.

Each Dialogue Exercise solicits fun, a loss of control and increase in chance, a low stakes uneasiness to discover something new. Use them to create a self-led, curriculum-like journey for yourself.

Consider them prompts. Interpret them in your own way. Make them your own. In the end they are yours and ours.

Dialogue Exercises is available as a printed book to purchase and as a free PDF to read or download.

Included in SVA Library NYC