Sean's Art Garage

Why Sean’s Art Garage?


On a recent trip to Japan, we visited friends who had young children. Their children ranged in age from a few months to 6 years old. It was fun to learn about how they were raising their kids. One was letting them watch YouTube only if it was educational and they were learning English. And even some of their story books were in English. During the visit, I had the opportunity to read them a story about finding shapes in everyday objects. While reading I had the thought it would be great to introduce simple art projects using this concept; learn some art, learn some language, and have fun.

最近日本を旅行した時に、幼い子供を持つ友人達を訪ねました。彼らの子供たちは生後数カ月から6歳までと幅広い年齢層でした。彼らがどのように子育てをしているのかを知るのは興味深かったです。ある友人は子供達に教育的で英語の勉強になるものだけをYouTubeで観せていました。また、絵本も英語で書かれているものがありました。 子供達に絵本を読んであげる機会があったので「身近なものから形を見つける」というお話を読みました。読みながら、このコンセプトで簡単なアートプロジェクトを紹介したらアートを学び、言葉を学び、そして楽しめるのではないかと思いました。

In my past, I worked at an organization that combined language learning, technology skills, and art making. Students learned English through an artistic discipline like dance or theater. Students learned specific vocabulary, not meant to be memorized, but to be used in context while discussing the art making process.


I wanted to try combining these two experiences into something that allowed anyone to start making art, teaching art, and just learn a process. I also wanted to give my Japanese friends and their kids something fun to do together besides workbook style activities given to them from school.


So I created Sean’s Art Garage. Simple exercises that can be combined to create your own artistic journey. These art making activities for young ones focus on the idea of process, practice, patience, and the concept of translation. Translating one art piece into a new form, say from collage to sculpture to painting and back again.


I hope these ideas come across while you work on each art lesson. And as long as you enjoy the art making journey I’m trying to take you on, that is great too.


Thank you for joining Sean’s Art Garage and for your support.